Past Exam for ACIS 2115 - Principles of Accounting at Virginia Tech (VT)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
Class:ACIS 2115 - Principles of Accounting
Subject:Accounting & Information Systems
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 2001
  • Receivable Retained Earnings
  • Prepare General Journal
  • Service Revenue
  • Cost Principle
  • Normal Balances
  • Current Asset
  • Current Liability
  • Total Stockholders
  • Earnings Balance
  • Subscriptions
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Sample Document Text

Version A PART I PA~T II P?RT III P.l'l.R':' I'll ?A?T V PART VI P}\.RT VII Pl.\.RT VIII ?ART :X SECTION NUl'-13E? OR HOl:R,_-,-'1 2=-~:~:,,~'--,"r_._ F_CCOUNTH:-G 2115 TEST I Sep::ember 27, 2001 :,r:;LT:PLE C::-iOICE .l:..CCOm'lT CL]l.SSIFICATION JOURNAL ENTRIES C.::'.SH FLO~>j"S EFFECTS OF TRPJ:;rSACTIONS EFF~CTS OF ADJUS':'ING ENTRIES FINJ>.J\lCIF.L STATPIENTS ADJryST:;:~G ENTRIES ADJUSTING E~TRI~S T?.AKSFE?.RING P .. NS'"iE?S ':'0 J;-]\8'·mR ?." .. GE 17 POINTS 22 POINTS 25 POI::-JTS 7 POINTS 15 PCINTS 8 POIKTS 28 POINTS 8 PO:;:::-JTS 17 POINTS 147 POINTS 3 PCH7TS 150 PCINTS ========== GENERAL INSTRUCTIO::-JS, 1. Check YOl..:.r test boo:><:let to deter:niE8 ',y'hetr.el- it ir:cludes all of the parts listed above. 2. 3e sare to read instructions ;::0 all problems very carefully. 3. Budget yeur t:"rr.e wisely. "":!cu i1a've two hcurs to complete chis test. ,;. ?ransfe", :::"1e ansv..'ers to pa:!:"ts I thrcuq':1 "IiI to t...

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