Past Exam for CHM 1045C - Gen Chem with Qual Analysis I at Valencia Comm College (VCC)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
Class:CHM 1045C - Gen Chem with Qual Analysis I
Subject:CHM: Chemistry
University:Valencia Community College
Term:Summer 2007
  • Information Property
  • Law of Multiple Proportions
  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Atomic Theory
  • Law of Constant Composition
  • Following Compounds
  • Average Atomic Mass
  • Partial Credit
  • Mass Spectrometer
  • Law of Definite Proportions
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Sample Document Text

CHM 1045 Summer, 2007 Test 1 Name (print)___________________ Show your work for complete (and partial) credit. Report your answers to the correct number of significant figures, and use units where appropriate. 1. A hypothesis is just an educated guess, but a theory has been proven to be true. What is wrong with this statement? What is the difference between a hypothesis and a theory? 2. Give one specific example of each of the following. a) a compound b) a solution that is not a liquid. 3. A physical process involves a change in a physical property. Give one specific example of a physical process and state the physical property that changes during the specified process. Your answer could be as short as two words. 4. What is the Law of Constant Composition (Law of Definite Proportions)? State it. 5. How does Dalton's Atomic Theory explain the Law of Conservation of Mass? 6. Give an example of two (specific) compounds to which the Law of Multiple Proportions applies. 7. If you he...

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