Past Exam for SOC 1004 - Introductory Sociology with Hughes at Virginia Tech (VT)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam
Class:SOC 1004 - Introductory Sociology
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 1999
  • Casual Crowd
  • Cultural Determinism
  • Reputational Method
  • Socialist Economy
  • Subjective Meanings
  • Objective Method
  • Macrosociology
  • Perspective
  • Concentric Circle Model
  • Essentialist
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Sample Document Text

, ! \ "-- .I 1 -) l Introductory Sociology Final Exam .. Fall 1999 Professof Michael Hughes - ~ ... ; .. ~", ·rc.G~·· ~ ~''''~''' ~ Mark the BEST answer on the opscan sheet. An answer is correct because of something in the readings or something in the lectures. 1. TRUE or FALSE: According to the text, all the individuals in a nuclear family are related by common ancestry. ATRUE ~FALSE 2. According to the lecture, the conflict perspective views social control mechanisms as working for the and against the ____ _ ~ lower class! police . powerful! powerless . deviants! powerful 4. powerless! powerful 3. According to the text, the term refers to the tendency within bureaucracies for members to rely on established rules and regulations and to apply them in a mechanical manner. 1. false consciousness (T-:;trained incapacity '-:r. social fact 4. Parkinson's Law 4. According to the text, a approach views social structures of developing nations as shaped b...

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