Past Exam for BCHS 3304 - General Biochemistry I with Briggs at Houston (UH)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 3
Class:BCHS 3304 - General Biochemistry I
Subject:(Biochemical&Biophys Sci)
University:University of Houston
Term:Spring 2007
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Sample Document Text

University of Houston BCHS 3304 Exam III Instructor Dr. Briggs Apr. 05, 2007 Printed Name_____ANSWER KEY________ LAST, FIRST ID#: Student Multiple choice, 2 pts each (100 pts) ? Circle letter (i.e. a., b., c., d., or e.) of the most correct answer, then mark it on the Scantron sheet with a #2 pencil. Mark BOTH the exam AND the Scantron sheet. A table of half reactions and graph paper are at the end of this exam. 1). What is the Michaelis-Menton expression under uncompetitive inhibition? a. [S] ' K [S] V v M max 0 a + = b. [S] ' K [S] V v M max 0 a a + = c. [S] K [S] V v M max 0 + = a d. [S] K [S] V v M max 0 + = a e. [S] K [S] V v M max 0 + = 2). What is the Lineweaver-Burke expression under competitive inhibition? a. max max M 0 V a ' [S] 1 V a K v 1 + = b. max max M 0 V a ' [S] 1 V ...
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