Past Exam for STAT 400 - APPLIED PROB & STAT I with Boyle at Maryland (UMD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 3
Subject:Statistics and Probability
University:University of Maryland
Term: 1997
  • The Chess Players
  • Assumptions
  • Distribution
  • Certain Type
  • Elementary School
  • Following Problems
  • Two Hundred
  • Specification
  • School District
  • Random Variable
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Sample Document Text

STAT 400-EXAM 3 August 22, 1997 Work each numbered problem on a separate answer sheet. (You may use both front and back of each sheet.) Show all work on problems 2-4: partial credit may be give:n for wrong answers if the method shown is essentially correct. Correct answers without adequate supporting work may receive no c:redit. 1. For each of the following problems (a-e) choose from the list on the right (a) the type of problem (choices A-E), (b) the random variable or sta.tistic used (choices F-R) and (c) the distribution involved together with the degrees of freedom where appropriate (choices S-V). Do not compute numerical answers. Your answers should consist of three letters and 1he degrees of freedom for all but the normal distribution. (9) a. A random sample of 100 students from a college showed an average IQ score of 112 with a standard deviation of 10. Establish a 95% confidence interval estimate of the mean IQ score of all students attending the college. (9) b. A circuit fuse ...

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