Past Exam for BUS ADM 451 - InvestmentFinance at Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam
Class:BUS ADM 451 - InvestmentFinance
Subject:Business Administration
University:University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Risk Transference
  • Performance Measurement
  • Working Through
  • Circumstances
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Institutional
  • Transference
  • Elective Courses
  • Corporate Finance
  • Hypothetical
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Sample Document Text

Appendix B Learning Outcomes of Students in BBA-Finance Program This appendix includes two parts. The first part provides a general review and a brief assessment of students' learning outcomes from courses in the BBA finance program. The second part provides an in-depth analysis and assessment of learning outcomes of a core course: Investment Finance (Bus Adm 451). Part 1: A General Review and Assessment of Learning Outcomes of Required and Elective Courses in BBA-Finance Curriculum Prior to taking courses required for finance majors, students have to complete the course Bus Adm 350: Principle of Finance, required for all BBA students (regardless of majors). This is the first-level finance course and is the foundation for three more levels of courses in the BBA-Finance curriculum (based on the sequencing of prerequisites). In the interest of clarity, we list immediate below the courses according to their levels. Level I: Bus Adm 350: Princi...

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