Past Exam for CHEM 1031 - GENERAL CHEMISTRY I with Price at Temple (Temple)

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Material Type:Exam 2
University:Temple University
Term:Fall 2010
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~~1C ~~lc?..) __ Cc - ~-uvt:~.s 2 Use the equation: p CaS03(aq) + q H3P04(aq) ~ r Ca3(P04)2(S) + S S02(g) + H20(l) to answer the t questions 1 - 10. 1. This reaction could be class fied as one or more of: (i) a precipitation reaction, (ii) an acid-base i reaction, (iii) a gas-evolution reaction. The reaction is: 2 I' \:. l r -\. O,-\. 0,-\ A. (i), (ii) and (iii) B. (i) and (iii) C. (ii) and (iii) D. (i) and (ii) h 2. What are the spectator ions n the rea tion? i c o \-\: '2.. ,,~ A. S03 - and H+ 2 B. t here are none ?f~? c. pol- and Ca 2 + ? t -'c D. Ca 2 + and SO/- 3. When balanced, the values of the coefficients p, q, r, s, and would be, respectively: t I \'~ o~-\::. o,,~ 2-,-\: A. 6,4,2,6,6 B. 2,3,1,2,6 C. 6,4,2,3,3 D. 3,2,1,3,3 4. How many moles of H3P04 are required to completely react with 0.175 mol...
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