Past Exam for MATH 135 - Calculus for Busn/Social Sci with Weber at Christopher Newport (CNU)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
Class:MATH 135 - Calculus for Busn/Social Sci
University:Christopher Newport University
Term:Fall 2008
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Sample Document Text

Math 21A Final Exam Grading 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Your name is: Your student ID number is: Please circle your discussion: 1) A01(CRN 60296) R 8:10-9:00pm Rob Gysel gysel@math 2) A02(CRN 60297) R 4:10-5:00pm Hyun Lee ehnlee@math 3) A03(CRN 60298) R 5:10-6:00pm Hyun Lee ehnlee@math 4) A04(CRN 60299) R 6:10-7:00pm Brandon Barrette bpbarrette@math Instructions : 1. Do NOT open your exam until you are told to. 2. You have 2 hours for this exam. (It will end at 12:30.) 3. Before you start the exam, PRINT your name and student ID in the space above, and circle the discussion section you are in. 4. NO notes, books, or calculators are allowed. 5. Show all your work clearly on the pages provided. 6. Please raise your hand if you have any questions during the exam. 1 (30 pts.) For each question, answer only \"true\" or \"false\". You will receive 0 points for an incorrect answer, 3 points for no answer, and 6 points for a correct answer. There is no partial...
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