Past Exam for MATH 110 - ELEM MATH MODELS at Maryland (UMD)

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Material Type:Exam 3
University:University of Maryland
Term:Spring 2003
  • Unauthorized
  • Either...or
  • Exclusive Or
  • The Independent
  • Independent
  • Independence
  • Following Problems
  • Amortization
  • Living Will
  • Independent Events
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MATH 110 EXAM#3~ MAY 7, 2003 NAME, ______________________ ----- SECTION, __ _ SHOW ALL WORKI 1. Consider the experiment irtl which two distinguishable, fair, 6-sided dice are rolled. [3] (a) List the elements in!the sample space, S. [3] (b) List the elements in ;the event A, both numbers are greater than 4. [4] (c) Find the probability that the sum of the numbers is less than 5. [4] (d) Find the probability ~f rolling doubles (ie, both numbers are the same), given that th~ sum of the numbers is less than 5. [8] 2. S is a sample space and "$ and F are events. TF (a) peE) + peE') = 1. TF (b) If peE U F) = peE) +'P(F) then E and F are mutually exclusive. TF (c) If E and F are independent, then they are mutually exclusive. TF (d) peE I F) = peE) if E'and F are independent events. 1 --~--------~-~----------------------~-------, 3. Let E and F be mutually exclusive events with peE) = ~ and P(F) = ~. Find the following: [3] (a) peE U F) [3] (b) P(F') [3] (c) peE...

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