Lecture Notes for LS 101 - Academic Support Lab with Frazier at Mississippi University for Women (MUW)

Notes Information

Material Type:Class Note
Class:LS 101 - Academic Support Lab
Subject:Learning Skills
University:Mississippi University for Women
Term:Spring 2008
  • Risk Behaviors
  • Scholarships
  • Particularly
  • Participating
  • Convenience
  • Traditional
  • Accommodations
  • Institutional
  • The Newspaper
  • Experiences
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Sample Document Text

Retention Taskforce Whitepaper April 15, 2008 The advisory taskforce on retention was charged with "making specific recommendations related to improving the retention of our students from the freshman to sophomore year and beyond to graduation." Following are the group's recommendations and related information. What support services do we currently provide to help support student retention? # Ms Rhonda Thomas in the Advising Center, provides advising assistance to undeclared students, incoming students, and others seeking guidance concerning courses at MUW. The Advising Center works to improve student persistence by working with faculty to identify and counsel freshmen who are at-risk for failure. Ms. Thomas also provides advisor training for faculty. # Mrs. Carol Frazier in the Office of Academic Support Services supervises a peer tutoring program for many core courses, provides individual and group workshops for improving study skills, and tracks and counsels students...

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