Lecture Notes for CMSC 250 - Discrete Structures with Plane at Maryland (UMD)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:CMSC 250 - Discrete Structures
Subject:Computer Science
University:University of Maryland
  • Combinations
  • Combination
  • Consequence
  • Contrapositive
  • Overlapping
  • Conditional
  • (to/for) Him/it
  • Propositional
  • Development
  • Infinite Sets
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Predicate Calculus . Subject / Predicate John / went to the store. The sky / is blue. . Propositional Logic - uses statements . Predicate Calculus - uses predicates - predicates must be applied to a subject in order to be true or false . P(x) - means this predicate represented by P - applied to the object represented by x Quantification . ?x There exists an x . ?x For all x's ---------------------- Usually specified from a domain . ?x ? Z There exists an x in the integers . ?x ? R For all x's in the reals . Domain - set where these subjects come from Translation . A student of mine is wearing a blue shirt. - Domain: people who are my students S - Quantification: There is at least one - Predicate: wearing a blue shirt ?x ? S such that B(x) where B(x) represents "wearing a blue shirt" . All of my students are in class. - Domain: people who are my students S - Quantification: All of them - Predicate: are in class ?x ? S such that C(x) where C(x) represents "...

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