Lecture Notes for CSI 701 - Fnd of Computatnl Sci with Cebral at George Mason (GMU)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:CSI 701 - Fnd of Computatnl Sci
Subject:Computational Sci& Informatics
University:George Mason University
  • Catheterization
  • Intracranial
  • Progression
  • Experimental Work
  • Unfortunately
  • Interventions
  • Natural Sciences
  • The Medicine
  • Pathological
  • Assumptions
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Introduction 1. What is Computational Sciences ? 2. Computer simulations 3. Writing scientific software 4. Example Sciences Natural sciences: . Physics .Biology . Astronomy .Chemistry . Medicine Abstract sciences: . Mathematical sciences . Data sciences . Computer science Natural Sciences Computational Sciences Theoretical Sciences Experimental Sciences Observational Sciences Natural Phenomena Methodologies . Theoretical sciences - Abstract science development - Modeling physical phenomena - Correlation with experiments . Observational sciences - Instrumentation - Hypothesis formulation - Testing of theories . Experimental sciences - Instrumentation - Physical experimentation - Testing of theories . Computational sciences - Methodology development - Computational experimentation - Correlation with experiments - Testing of theories (hypothesis) Numbers in Science Greeks: . Numbers and formulas to describe the world (geometry, algebra) Newton & Co.: . Functions n...

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