Lecture Notes for ANTH 5 - INTRO PHYSICAL ANTH with Gaulin at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB)

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Material Type:Note
University:University of California - Santa Barbara
Term:Spring 2010
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FALL 2009, ANTHROPOLOGY 5 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE Relevant lecture outlines are on the web. The first lecture covered on the final is (mistakenly) labeled ?Early Hominids A: Ecological Contexts, Derived Traits?. It should be labeled ?Early Hominins?? Webmaster, take note! Topics covered on the exam (flows over to a second page) Hominin evolution: Taxonomic position (hominins, not hominids), relationship to other apes. Ecological contexts. Three main phases (pre- Australopithecus Australopithecus , (including Paranthropus Homo , ). When did the live/what were their traits (just what was covered in lecture). Derived traits: approximate time/sequence of appearance and plausible selection pressures favoring them. Types of stone tool technologies and their timing. Origins and spread of Homo and Homo sapiens. Human variation: Within- and between-population variation in humans as compared to chimps. Three ancient African races, one of which ...
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