Lecture Notes for CS 501 - Unix Programming at Emporia State University (ESU)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:CS 501 - Unix Programming
Subject:Computer Science
University:Emporia State University
Term:Fall 2004
  • Cast to Type
  • Enumeration
  • Following Class Definition
  • Declaration
  • Enumeration Type
  • Implementation
  • Containment
  • String Class
  • The Message
  • Constructor
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z Next chapter z Previous chapter z Table of contents Chapter 16: Nested Classes We're always interested in getting feedback. E-mail us if you like this guide, if you think that important material is omitted, if you encounter errors in the code examples or in the documentation, if you find any typos, or generally just if you feel like e-mailing. Send your email to Frank Brokken. Please state the document version you're referring to, as found in the title (in this document: 5.2.4) and please state the paragraph you're referring to. All mail received is seriously considered, and new (sub)releases of the Annotations will normally reflect your suggestions for improvements. Except for the incidental case, I will normally not acknowledge the receipt of suggestions for improvements. Please don't interpret this as me showing lack of appreciation. Classes can be defined inside other classes. Classes that are defined inside other classes are called nested classes. Nested classes ar...

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