Lecture Notes for ANTH 02203 - Introduction to Archeology with Hill at Rowan (RU)

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Material Type:Note
Class:ANTH 02203 - Introduction to Archeology
University:Rowan University
Term:Fall 2010
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Introduction to Archaeology, Sec. 1 Stephanie Russo Final Exam Study Guide Instructor Jane A. Hill Terms Achieved vs. ascribed status Additive Techniques Animal Domestication Archaeozoology Bell Curve (or Normal Curve) Bioturbation Chiefdoms Chinampa farming at Tenochtitl?n Classification Community Component Conservation CRM Archaeology Diagnostic Artifact Ethnicity Ethnoarchaeology Exchange Systems Experimental Archaeology Features of an urban/state society Forensic Anthropology Function Gender Geoglyphs Hierarchical Society Household Analysis Hunter-gatherer vs. agricultural society Markets Mean NAGPRA New Archaeology Origins of Warfare Paleoanthropology Paleobotany Petroglyphs Plant Domestication Prestate Society Public Archaeology Random Sampling Reciprocity Redistribution Repatriation Restoration Scales (Nominal, Ordinal, Ratio) Settlement Archaeology (three types...
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