Past Exam for 960 401 - BASIC STAT FOR RSRCH at Rutgers (RU)

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Material Type:Mid-Term
Class:960 401 - BASIC STAT FOR RSRCH
University:Rutgers University
  • Menstrual Cycle
  • Fetal Development
  • Infertility
  • Economic Factors
  • Lurking Variables
  • Prospective Study
  • Prospective
  • Focus Group
  • Generalization
  • Control Group
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Midterm 2 (Course 01:960:401:02) Name(1p): Use pen! Be clear! Be concise! Explain your answers! Happy Halloween! Question 1(30p): See class homepage notes. Question 2a(20p): Study 1: control = mice at 14% diet, treatment = mice at 25% diet. Purpose: investigate embryonic developement of fertilized implanted eggs. Conclusion: 25% diet had a negative effect on development. Generalization: mice to human could be long stretch. Missing infor- mation: sample size, normal diet for mice, length of study. Study 2: control = monkeys eating animal protein, treatment = monkeys eating soy protein. Purpose: investigate the effect of soy protein on the menstrual cycle. Conclusion: soy does not affect the menstrual cycle. Generalization: more readily to humans than the mouse study. Missing information: control group, rest of diet, amounts, quantified effect. Why do the studies reach different conclusions? Well, different animals were studies, and different sources of proteins. The focus was also different: eff...

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