Lecture Notes for PSCI 1040 - American Government: Laws and Institutions with Todd at North Texas (UNT)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:PSCI 1040 - American Government: Laws and Institutions
Subject:Political Science
University:University of North Texas
  • Classical Liberalism
  • Limited Government
  • Traditional Authority
  • Universities
  • Particularly
  • Constitutions
  • Appropriations
  • Traditional
  • Property Taxes
  • Income Inequality
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Texas Political Culture PSCI 1040 - U.S. & Texas Government Political Culture y Political culture is a people's shared framework of values, beliefs, and habits of behavior related to government and politics. y Political culture defines y the relationship between government and the people y ri hts and res onsibilit of the eo legpyp y obligations of government y limits on governmental authority 2 Texas Political Culture K E t f T C ltey Elemen s o exas Political Cu ure y Classical liberalism y Social conservatism y Populism 3 Texas Political Culture Classical Liberalism y Individual liberty y Limited government y Free markets y Support for civil liberties y Religious tolerance 4 Texas Political Culture Social Conservatism y Use of government to reinforce traditional social relations y Value established traditions, especially established religious beliefs and practices y Respect traditional authority figures such as business, military, and religious...

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