Lecture Notes for MATH 231 - SCIENTIFIC CALCULUS I at Richmond (UR)

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  • Example Addition
  • Provided That
  • Combinations
  • The Independent
  • Independent
  • Organization
  • One-Sided Limits
  • Independent Variable
  • Open Interval
  • Inverse Functions
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MATH 231 - Scientific Calculus I Evaluating Limits for Functions Given by Formula Recall that we have organized the function formulas for this course as falling into one of two categories: the Basic Three the Five Ways that functions are built from the Basic Three With this organization in mind, it is easy to list out the properties of limits (known as the Limit Laws that we will need to evaluate limits in this course. Here are the Limit Laws, for each of these categories: the Basic Three Exponential Functions f(t)=b t , where b is a positive constant. lim t?c f(t)=f(c). Trig Functions f(t)=sin(t)andg(t)=cos(t). lim t?c f(t)=f(c) and lim t?c g(t)=g(c) Power Functions f(t)=t p , where p is a constant. lim t?c f(t)=f(c), provided the domain of f contains an open interval which includes c. Functions built from the Basic Three Arithmetic Combinations: Example: Addition. (The others are similar, and are listed on page 108 of our text.) If lim t?c f(t) and lim t?c g(t) both exi...

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