Lecture Notes for ECEN 2250 - Introduction to Circuits and Electronics at Colorado (CU)

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Material Type:Study Guide
Class:ECEN 2250 - Introduction to Circuits and Electronics
Subject:Electrical & Computer Engineering
University:University of Colorado - Boulder
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ECEN 2250 Circuits I Test 1 study guide Concepts you need to understand . Variables including charge, current, voltage, resistance, conductance, energy and power. What are their units, how do these units relate back to SI units (except resistance, which is not particularly illuminating), how do they relate to one another including equations and differential nature (e.g. charge and current) . Passive sign convention. How current and voltage are assigned, what the sign of the power means . iv characteristics for resistors (Ohm's law), ideal sources, shorts and opens, current source in parallel with resistor, voltage source in series with a resistor. Make sure you understand what these mean (e.g. how does an open circuit relate to a current source?) . Kirchoff's Laws. What is the physical basis (look at hydraulics analogy) for both, where to apply them (nodes for KCL, loops for KVL), sign convention, how to pick the minimum number of equations ("meshes" for KVL - inner window...

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