Lecture Notes for HON 2520 - The Age of Exploration with Byrne at Belmont (BU)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:HON 2520 - The Age of Exploration
University:Belmont University
Term:Spring 2009
  • Christine De Pisan
  • Pastoral Concert
  • Social Realism
  • Giorgio Vasari
  • Back of Neck
  • Medici Family
  • Anticlericalism
  • The Decameron
  • School of Athens
  • The School of Athens
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Exam 1 Notes History • Early Itialian Humanism ○ C 1270-1310 – basically the same time as Dante ○ ○ ○ Human condition – dante – religious context, otherworldly Humanism – human condition in relation to this world   secular – thus early modern compliments religion Humanism – humanist was one who studied the humanities, like how an artist was one who studied the arts (7 liberal arts)  Sophists – Greeks  Quintilian – liberal = free  Trivium – grammar, logic, rhetoric Quadriveum (numbers) – arithmetic (basic), geometry (space), music (sound), astronomy (time) Arts help DEVELOP human being  Important but NOT humanities, only tools, theory What does it mean to be human?  Middle ages – religion defined what it means to be human Humanism – the attempt to study or understand humanity in secular terms, with an emphasis on classical authors (pagans, romans),  Poetry, moral philosophy, history Medieval “humanism” and Renaissances  Carolingian Renaissan...

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