Lecture Notes for GEOG 110 - World Regional Geography with White at Fort Lewis College (FTLEW)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:GEOG 110 - World Regional Geography
University:Fort Lewis College
  • Triangle Trade
  • Ferrel Cell
  • Differences
  • Globalization
  • Specialized
  • Low Temperatures
  • Drift Theory
  • Cultural Change
  • Organization
  • Tectonic Plates
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World Regions according to Globalization and Diversity textbook (Fig. 1.2 - Globalization and Diversity textbook = GaD) Geographic regions south of San Francisco Bay (from Diversity Amid Globalization, 3rd ed.) one of the hottest fields today combining computer database technology and geography is GIS GIS Geographic Information Systems ? specialized computer mapping software used to visualize, manipulate, analyze, and display layers of spatial data ? "smart maps" tied to a database of spatial information more information?: - http://www.gis.com/whatisgis World Population - Fig. 1.21 GaD Table 1.1, GaD Introduction to Geography Human and Cultural . Population and Settlement - modeling population changes through time . the Demographic Transition model (Fig. 1.15) Stage 5: post-Industrial ??? Expressions of Folk and Ethnic Cultures http://www.pennsylvania.com/stories/amish.html http://www.photo.net/photo/pcd0087/taos-pueblo-with-mtns-47 Garifuna women in Honduras - Fig....

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