Lecture Notes for CJ 1310 - INTRO TO CJ with Henson at Texas State (TSUSM)

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Material Type:Note
Class:CJ 1310 - INTRO TO CJ
Subject:Criminal Justice
University:Texas State University - San Marcos
Term:Fall 2010
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Social Control -The use of sanctions and rewards to influence and shape the behavior Criminal Justice System: a loose confederation of agencies whose general goal is the control of crime Components of CJ system Law Enforcement Courts Corrections Victim services- stemmed from the women?s movement Police Traditional Roles Maintain public order Enforce the criminal law Provide emergency services Modern Rules Community crime prevention (proactive as opposed to reactive) Addressing special needs populations (Leslie from 6 th street, homeless/ disabled, juveniles) Courts: core of CJ system Functions and Roles Conviction and sentencing of the guilty Protects the constitutional rights of accused Adversarial system (sometimes) Corrections Occurs after conviction and sentencing (typically) PROBATION: most common sentence Community supervision Incarceration Parole release (after serving time) ...
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