Lecture Notes for PSY 108 - COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOG with Revlin at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB)

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Material Type:Note
University:University of California - Santa Barbara
Term:Winter 2010
  • Positive Contrast
  • Characteristics of the Speaker
  • Mental Rotation
  • Saccadic Movement
  • George Miller
  • Divided Attention
  • Keyword Method
  • Physical Map
  • Prospective Memory
  • Self-Schema
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Review for Final Cog Psy 1 Background and Visual Object Recognition ? Perception uses previous knowledge to gather and interpret the stimuli registered by ? the senses; in object recognition, we identify a complex arrangement of sensory stimuli Visual information from the retina is transmitted to the primary and visual cortex; ? According to gestalt principles, people tend to organize their perceptions, even when other regions of the cortex are active when we recognize complex objects ? Researchers have proposed several theories of object recognition. The oldest of they encounter ambiguous figure-ground stimuli and even in illusory-contour stimuli, when no boundary actually separates the figure from the background these, the template-matching theory, can be rejected because it cannot account for the ? Feature-analysis theory is supported by research showing that people require more complexity and flexibility of object recognition ? The recognition-by-...

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