Lecture Notes for ENGL 326 - Business and Prof Writing with Williams at Abilene Christian (ACU)

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Material Type:Note
Class:ENGL 326 - Business and Prof Writing
University:Abilene Christian University
Term:Fall 2010
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Jeff Bartosh Evaluation jdb07b@acu.edu 972/953-8640 To: Dr. John Fleming From: Jeff Bartosh Date: Monday 22, 2010 Re: Teacher Evaluation This memo is an Employee Evaluation Report written from a student?s perspective on your ability to teach your class effectively. Overview This memo will break apart different aspects a teacher should have when teaching college students. More precisely the student, I, will be evaluation your strengths, weaknesses, detailed ways to improve your weaknesses, your portrayal as a Christian role model, and finally a monetary evaluation of your current salary by assessment of your teaching abilities. In no way is this meant to be demeaning. It is simply a critique on various ways you can improve yourself as well as a few characteristics in which you excelled at in comparison with other professors. Strengths This semester has been a great opportunity for me to learn from experi...
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