Lecture Notes for STAT 3616 - Biological Statistics with Fraker at Virginia Tech (VT)

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Material Type:CribSheet 1
Class:STAT 3616 - Biological Statistics
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term: 2007
  • Different Values
  • Entire Population
  • Combination
  • Differences
  • Representative
  • Such Factors
  • You Have...
  • Observations
  • Variability
  • Discrete Variable
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STATISTICS FORMULA SHEET Travis Patton October 9, 2007 Variables(2 main types) A. Quantitative/Continuous Ex. Age. B. Discrete/Categorical Ex. Gender Also… (explanatory variables – [explain a change in the response], or response variables – [outcome/end result]) Experimental Design (3 factors*) 1. CONTROL – reduces variability(comparison [matched pairs] [blocking – separating groups]) REPLICATION – redo the treatments (replicate the experiment) Statistical Inference A Parameter A Statistic (True value from the entire population) (Estimate from the samples to know the parameter’s value) 1. µ [population mean] 1. [sample mean] 2. σ [population standard deviation] 2. s [sample standard deviation] 3. ρ/π [population proportions] 3. [sample proportion] Measures of Center Measures of Spread Mean – average () Standard Deviation (s)/Variance (s2) Median – middle (M) Range – max-min Mode – most common # in data set IQR (Inner Quartile Range) – Q3-Q1 General Center/Spread Combinations – Me...

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