Lecture Notes for PR 06350 - Introduction to Public Relations with Litwin at Rowan (RU)

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Material Type:Note
Class:PR 06350 - Introduction to Public Relations
Subject:Public Relations
University:Rowan University
Term:Spring 2010
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5 Key Terms of Public Relation I think that the mission statement is a very important focus in the public relations world. A mission statement is the identifiable reason for a company's existence. It represents what the company thinks about itself, its goals for future endeavors, and its need for public support. I feel that clarity is a word that takes on a completely different meaning in public relations. Clarity is making sure that the message you send out to a recipient is in an appropriate and understandable manner so that meaning is not lost in translation. Synergy is a word I have never heard defined before I entered our PR class. The idea of synergy is combining ingredients of a specific plan in order to create and establish a product/idea as a whole. In communication,, the combination of advertising and effective public relations is essential to synergic success. The Cracked Egg (Persuasion) Model seems to be a very importa...
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