Lecture Notes for MF 134 - Manufacturing Process at Northern Michigan (NMU)

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Material Type:Note
Class:MF 134 - Manufacturing Process
Subject:Manufacturing Technology
University:Northern Michigan University
Term:Fall 2010
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Lab Notes ? Lab Groups A, B, C, and Partners ? Syllabus Error ? Recycle Bins (Steel & Aluminum) ? Calipers/Micrometers? ? Safety glasses? ? Chuck Key & Drawbar Wrench ? General questions?  INTRODUCTION TO MACHINING  TOOL GEOMETRY  MEASURING  PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS MF 134 (8/30/2010) Machining ? Definition: a collection of material-working processes in which power-driven machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, and drill presses, are used with a sharp cutting tool to mechanically cut the material to achieve the desired geometry. ? Traditional Machining ? Turning Milling , , Drilling, Broaching, Grinding , Tapping? ? Modern Machining ? CNC, Electrochemical, electron beam, photochemical? Traditional Modern ? Turning ? Rotating workpiece ? Cylindrical workpieces ? Lathes ? Drilling ? Creating holes ? Rotating cutting tool ? Drill press ? Milling ? Rotating cutting tool ? Al...
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