Lecture Notes for GEOL 464 - The Geochemistry of Natural Waters at Idaho (UI)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:GEOL 464 - The Geochemistry of Natural Waters
University:University of Idaho
Term:Spring 2001
  • Exchange Reaction
  • Exchange Reactions
  • Field Experiment
  • Dissolution
  • Concentration of Effect
  • Acquisition
  • Immediately
  • Concentration
  • Concentrated
  • Distinction
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1 1 THE GEOCHEMISTRY OF NATURAL WATERS MINERAL WEATHERING AND MINERAL SURFACE PROCESSES - III SORPTION AND ION EXCHANGE CHAPTER 4 - Kehew (2001) Pages 107-128 2 2 LEARNING OBJECTIVES z Learn about sorption; distinguish among adsorption, absorption and ion exchange. z Understand why minerals acquire surface charge and what the implications are. z Learn about sorption isotherms. z Learn to deal quantitatively with ion exchange. z Investigate the role of ion exchange in natural and contaminated waters. 3 3 IS SOLUBILITY THE ONLY CONTROL ON SOLUTE CONCENTRATIONS? z The answer is no! Solubility often controls the concentrations of major solutes such as Si, Ca, and Mg, and some minor or trace solutes such as Al and Fe. z However, for many trace elements, sorption processes maintain concentrations below saturation with respect to minerals. z In other words, sorption is a means to remove solutes even when the solution is undersaturated with any relevant solids. In the preceding t...

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