Lecture Notes for CSE 140 - Computer Architecture with Yang at UC-Merced (UC Merced)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:CSE 140 - Computer Architecture
Subject:Computer Science & Engineering
University:University of California-Merced
  • Instructions
  • Branch Targets
  • Instruction
  • Absolute Location
  • Negative Numbers
  • Principle 4
  • Different Formats
  • Similarities
  • Small Number
  • Loop Statements
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Chapter 2 Instructions: Language of the Computer Chapter 2 - Instructions: Language of the Computer - 2 Instruction Set The repertoire of instructions of a computer Different computers have different instruction sets But with many aspects in common Early computers had very simple instruction sets Simplified implementation Many modern computers also have simple instruction sets 2.1 Introduction Chapter 2 - Instructions: Language of the Computer - 3 The MIPS Instruction Set MIPS: Microprocessor with Interlocked Pipeline Stages Stanford MIPS commercialized by MIPS Technologies Used as the example throughout the book Large share of embedded core market Applications in consumer electronics, network/storage equipment, cameras, printers, . Typical of many modern ISAs See MIPS Reference Data tear-out card, and Appendixes B and E MIPS Assembly Language Chapter 2 - Instructions: Language of the Computer - 4 A subset of MIPS assembly langua...

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