Lecture Notes for BIO 311 - History of Science at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:BIO 311 - History of Science
University:Northeastern Illinois University
Term: 2005
  • Chemoreceptors
  • Swallowing Reflex
  • Secondary Effects
  • Concentrated
  • Osmoreceptors
  • Fenestrated
  • Transport of Co2
  • Cotransport
  • Accessory Organs
  • Carbohydrate
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F gure on P603 = F trat on, reabsorpt on, secret on and excret on of a nephron nvo ved n ur ne format on 1 - Ur ne format on beg ns at G omeru us w th the creat on of F trat on ocated n Rena Cortex. ooks ke p asma m nus prote ns. most of the mater a n the p asma m nus prote ns s free y fi red mean ng that the concentrat on of mater a n fi trate s the same w th the one n the p asma before B omeru us s te of fi trat on 2 - In prox ma tubu e a ot of fi trate s reabsorbed by Per tubu ar Cap ar es: se ect ve tubu e reabsorpt on and secret on 99% of fi trate s go ng back nto Per tubu ar Cap ar es the n ng of the nephron s a S ng e Layer of ep the um ce s (ce s n contact w th the fi trate) Prox ma Convo uted Tubu es - h ghest ocat on of reabsorpt on t s very much fixed at a rate of 65% traffic (a fixed stereotype way unaffected by regu at on have m crob - ncreas ng surface area 3 - Se ect ve Tubu ar Secret on - oppos te d rect on of reabsorpt on the ce s n ng the nephron are secret ng th ngs nto fi...

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