Lecture Notes for CMSC 150 - INTRODUCTN TO COMPUTING LAB at Richmond (UR)

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Material Type:Class Note
Subject:Computer Science
University:University of Richmond
Term:Fall 2008
  • Network Technology
  • Internet Protocol
  • The Internet
  • Assumptions
  • Destination
  • Heterogeneous
  • Interesting
  • Implementation
  • Functionality
  • Time Period
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1 Fall 2008 CMSC 150 1 Internetworking Fall 2008 CMSC 150 2 Assumptions .? Data pipe from every machine to every other machine. -? Need not be single link (and in most cases will involve several links and several networks). -? Pipe can lose or corrupt messages (think postal system analogy - vast majority of time it arrives, but not always). .? So what info do we need to build a single "logical" network (either reliable or unreliable)? Fall 2008 CMSC 150 3 Issues .? Getting various technologies to work with one another (I.e. creating a single "network" from many heterogeneous systems). -? Problem magnified since packet may need to traverse several different networks (and network technologies), each with their own addressing schemes, serv ce models, media access protocols, etc. .? Scale: It's the big issue -? How can you find an eff cient path through a network w th millions (and perhaps billions eventually) of nodes? -? How do you provide addressing for...

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