Lecture Notes for PHYS 2020 - GENERAL PHYSICS 2 at Colorado (CU)

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  • Higher Angle
  • Immediately
  • Lower Voltage
  • Transitions
  • Confirmation
  • Hypothetical
  • Rectangular
  • Orientation
  • Point Sources
  • Ultraviolet
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Chapter 16 Concept tests. Q16-1. Two uniformly charge spheres are attached to frictionless pucks on an air table. The charge on sphere 2 is three times the charge on sphere 1. Which force diagram correctly shows the magnitude and direction of the electrostatic forces on the two spheres? A) B) C) D) E) Answer: D) The forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction, by Newton's Third Law, and by the form of the Coulomb force equation. Q16-2. A charge +Q is fixed in space. A second charge +q is brought a distance r away. Then +q charge is removed and another charge +2q is brought a distance 2r away. Then the +2q charge is removed and a charge +5q is brought a distance 2r away. A) +Q r +Q 2r +q B) +2q C) +Q 2r +5q Which charge feels the largest force? A) +q B) +2q C) +5q D) The two of the charges feel the same size force. Answer: C) +5q. The force on the +5q is of magnitude (5/4) kQq/r2. Q16-3 u r u r u r component of C ? y x Two vectors A and B are shown. Consider the vector sum C =...

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