Lecture Notes for PHYS 220 - Gen Physics at IUP-Fort Wayne (IPFW)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:PHYS 220 - Gen Physics
University:Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne
  • Behind (of)
  • Astigmatism
  • Frequency Terms
  • Horizontally
  • Scientific Fact
  • Multiple Lines
  • Conventional
  • Macroscopic
  • Law of Reflection
  • Relative Power
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1 Physics 221 Lecture Notes Introduce myself I. Hand outs A. Homework due as indicated. B. Quizzes. NO MAKE UP and always a surprise C. Labs D. Exams are much like homework E. Introduce myself 1 Write Name, office number and office phone number 2 Web page http://users.ipfw.edu/grovet/ 3 How I view this course a There are two basic ways of treating your brain 1) My brain is a warehouse 2) My brain is a factory (I firmly believe this course focuses on this point rather than the first). b Many (if not all) students have beliefs in terms of the physical world that are simply not true. c Rene' Descartes established rules, so that he could determine for himself what was scientific fact from common belief. In so doing, Descartes helped establish the beginnings of modern scientific thought and reasoning. d Rene' Descartes rules for his own learning 1) Never accept anything that I did not clearly know to be true 2) Divide every difficult question into parts which c...

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