Lecture Notes for ADV 318J - INTRO TO ADV/INTEG BRAND COMM with Murphy at Texas (UT)

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Material Type:Study Guide
University:University of Texas - Austin
Term:Fall 2008
  • Guaranteed Circulation
  • Audience Selectivity
  • Cost Per Contact
  • Support Media
  • Advertising Allowances
  • Click-Through
  • Pass-Along Readership
  • Entertainment
  • Internal Communication
  • Entertaining
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ADV318J Test Three Review Chapter 15 - Media Planning: Print, Television, and Radio Wednesday, November 05, 2008 5:35 PM • • • • • • √Page 486: A Whole New "Traditional" Media World Advertising industry as a whole continues to evolve and change in significant ways, and no place is that change more tangible or dramatic than in the traditional media of newspapers, magazines, television, and radio - not anymore New media world: advertisers are adopting the belief that digital media offers a more cost effective way to reach targeted consumers plus digital messages are measurable, easy to change and easily global ○ Internet advertising is now a $20 billion industry (6% of total US spending on advertising, up from 4% in 2004) Old traditional way of delivering content are fading ○ Dollars spent on newspapers by advertisers has dropped from 23% of all ad spending to just 18% Google and Yahoo! Offer precisely targeted local ads plus craigslist.com offers free classified ads plus news is free all o...

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