Lecture Notes for AHRM 2404 - Consumer Rights with Fisher at Virginia Tech (VT)

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Material Type:Study Guide
Class:AHRM 2404 - Consumer Rights
Subject:Apparel, Housing, & Resour Mgt
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 2007
  • Consumer Reports
  • Moral Rights
  • Consumer Sovereignty
  • Ponzi Scheme
  • Corrective Advertising
  • Express Warranty
  • Telemarketing
  • Low Balling
  • Impulse Buying
  • Consumer Responsibilities
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AHRM 2404, Examination 1 Study Guide Chapter 1 Definition of a consumer Economic activities performed by consumers 3 roles of individuals and responsibilities within each role Definition of consumer sovereignty Conditions under which consumer sovereignty can occur Definition of consumer problems Examples of consumer problems Imperfectly competitive markets What type of markets consumers shop in (perfectly competitive or imperfectly competitive?) Definition of a citizen-consumer The government’s public interest responsibilities Chapter 3 Definition of an Implied Warranty Warranty of Merchantability Warranty of Fitness for a Purpose Definition of an Express Warranty The Federal Magnusson-Moss Act Your rights if you apply for a credit card and are turned down Moral rights of consumers The President who first proclaimed the Bill of Consumer Rights (first 4 consumer rights) Consumer responsibilities associated with the consumer rights The sequential levels of the consumer complaint process How to complain Chapte...

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