Lecture Notes for OT 151 - Office Systems & Procedures with Anderson at Solano Community College (SCC)

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Material Type:Study Guide
Class:OT 151 - Office Systems & Procedures
Subject:Office Technology
University:Solano Community College
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Office Procedures Name_______________________________ TEST 1 STUDY GUIDE Chapter 1 1. Explain how the work environment of the future will be move diverse. What does this diversity suggest for you as a future employee? 2. How is our work environment changing? 3. Where is the workplace of the 21st century? In your response, explain what is meant by telework. 4. How is the administrative professional’s role changing? 5. What skills are needed in the 21st century? In your response, explain the meaning of each skill. Complete and email to me by or before Wednesday midnight, January 25. donnaander@aol.com ...

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