Lecture Notes for FRSC 4043 - Crime Scene Processing with Lord at Central Okalhoma (UCO)

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Material Type:Note
Class:FRSC 4043 - Crime Scene Processing
Subject:Forensic Science
University:University of Central Oklahoma
Term:Spring 2011
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Chapter One ? Crime Scene Processing o An inherent task and duty undertaken in nearly every investigation o Few crimes are committed without creating some form of ?scene? o Some are undetectable; some small; some large; some enormous o Definition ? The examination and evaluation of the scene and any evidence found there for the express purpose of documenting the scene context and recovering the evidence ? Evidence o Anything that tends to prove or disprove a fact in contention o Two types ? Testimonial evidence ? Admissions, confessions, and statements by parties involved in the investigation ? Is subject to alteration o Take with a grain of salt and proceed with caution ? Purposefully lie ? Misperceive events ? Unknowingly fill in the blanks in their perceptions ? Recall issues ? Physical evidence ? Items and the condition of tangible objects that are collected and or documented ? Will never lie; ...
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