Lecture Notes for SOWK 3870 - Social Work Research and Practice with Barton at North Texas (UNT)

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Material Type:Note
Class:SOWK 3870 - Social Work Research and Practice
Subject:Social Work
University:University of North Texas
Term:Fall 2010
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? Cause: Does the design (or program) cause change? 3 Criteria: I. Be able to show that changes in the independent variable occurred before changes in dependent variable. II. No intervening variable(s)-need to be able to demonstrate that it?s the independent variable is causing the change & not something else (history, maturation etc). III. Need to be able to show some sort of empirical link between ind. & dep. Variable. ? 2 Types of Correlation -1 +1 I. Positive: When one increases, the other increases as well. EX. The more education you have the more income you have. II. Negative: Moves in opposite directions. EX. The more $ you give the poor, the fewer poor there is. ? Different Types of Designs: I. Cross Sectional: Find out about a group of people @ a particular point in time EX. Census. SNAPSHOT of a particular point in time. The problem with this is that you cannot argue cause in this way. It is weak. Census could say that changes in educ...
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