Lecture Notes for PHY 184 - Phys Scientists & Engineers II at Michigan State (MSU)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:PHY 184 - Phys Scientists & Engineers II
University:Michigan State University
Term:Spring 2005
  • Point Charges
  • Many Charges
  • Positive Charge
  • In/on/at a Place
  • Electric Force
  • Negative Charges
  • Attractive Force
  • Observations
  • Electric Field
  • Negative Charge
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January 12, 2005 Physics for Scientists&Engineers 2 1 Physics for Scientists & EngneesEngineers 2 Spring Semester 2005 Lecture 4 January 12, 05 Physics for Scientists&Enginers 2 2 The Elctri Field !For the past hre days we have ben discusing the forc bewn to crgs that w not movi wi espt o each the !Supose one charge wre moving, how ould the secnd charg kno that he first carge a mov? !What if ther wer other charges, how ould one crge kno about xt ? !To deal with es ituations, we introduce the cncpt of afild January 12, 05 Physics for Scientists&Enginers 2 3 The Elctri Field (2) !A field is an bstract oncept hat we can use to dscribe force !The lectric field is defined at ny point i space as t fo o th lctric field aiv poin charge !If we place apositve point charge in a elctric ild, thr wil b acor foc o tht hage in the irection f the letic ield .The magnitude of the force is given by the strength of the electric field January 12, 05 Physics for Scientists&Enginers 2 4 Definiton f ...

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