Lecture Notes for UN 101 - Introduction to College Life at Mississippi University for Women (MUW)

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Material Type:Vocab
Class:UN 101 - Introduction to College Life
Subject:University Courses
University:Mississippi University for Women
  • Voice of America
  • Customer Services
  • Universities
  • Travel Agencies
  • Language Areas
  • Broadcasting
  • Peace Corps
  • Market Research
  • Entertainment
  • Enforcement
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STRATEGIES EMPLOYERS U.S. GOVERNMENT Translation/Interpretation Teaching Journalism/Broadcasting Linguistics Diplomacy Civil Service Foreign Service Immigration/Naturalization Armed Forces Customs ARTS, MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT FOREIGN LANGUAGE AREAS Advertising Translation/Interpretation Journalism/Broadcasting Publishing/Editing Overseas dependents' schools Overseas aid agencies Intelligence and law enforcement agencies The Foreign Service Armed forces Library of Congress United Nations Voice of America Learn federal, state and local job application procedures. Plan to attend a specialized school that teaches foreign languages. Join armed forces as a way to get experience. Museums Foreign news agencies Book publishers Hotels, motels, restaurants TV networks/Radio stations Film companies Learn about the customs and culture of the country in which your language of study is primarily spoken, possibly by spending time in that country. Read international newspapers to keep u...

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