Lecture Notes for CJ 1010 - Intro to Criminal Justice with Franklin at Southern Utah University (SUU)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:CJ 1010 - Intro to Criminal Justice
Subject:Criminal Justice
University:Southern Utah University
  • Left Realism
  • Criminologists
  • Peacemaking Criminology
  • Biological Theories
  • Criminalization
  • Being Needs
  • Social Control Theory
  • Circumstances
  • Independent Agency
  • Differential Association
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Chapter 3 Explaining Crime Chapter Objectives: 1. Define criminological theory. 2. State the causes of crime according to classical and neoclassical criminologists. 3. Describe the biological theories of crime causation and their policy implications. 4. Describe the different psychological theories of crime causation. 5. Explain sociological theories of crime causation. 6. Distinguish major differences among classical, positivist, and critical theories of crime causation. 7. Describe how critical theorists would explain the causes of crime. Overview This chapter presents an introduction to criminological theory. It begins with explaining the classical and neoclassical approaches to the study of crime. It discusses the Enlightenment movement and the classical thinkers. Cesare Beccaria is presented as the “Father of the Classical School” and his ideas are discussed. A modification of classical theory, neoclassical theory is discussed. The positivists approach to understanding crime is analyzed. Certain bio...

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