Lecture Notes for BIOL 1105 - Principles of Biology with Buikema at Virginia Tech (VT)

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Material Type:Note 1
Class:BIOL 1105 - Principles of Biology
Subject:Biological Sciences
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 2008
  • Behavior Theory
  • Phylogenic Tree
  • Biological Community
  • Differential Reproduction
  • Hierarchical Organization
  • Organismal Level
  • Reductionism
  • Explanation
  • Similarities
  • Living Will
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Chapter 1 Characteristics Shared By Living Systems: • • • • • • Cellular Organization. Contain one or more cells that carry out basic activities of living and bounded by a membrane. Ordered Complexity. Contain many different kinds of cells each containing many complex molecular structures. Sensitivity. Respond to stimuli. Energy Utilization. Take in energy and use it to perform work. Homeostasis. Maintain relatively constant internal conditions different from surroundings. Evolutionary Adaption. Interact with other organisms and nonliving environment that influence their survival and they evolve. Hierarchical Organization Molecular Level AtomsMoleculesOrganellesCells Organismal Level TissuesOrgansOrgan Systems Populational Level PopulationSpeciesBiological Community Ecosystem Level EcosystemBiosphere Deductive Reasoning- applies general principles to predict specific results, the reasoning of math and philosophy and is used to test the validity of general ideas in all bran...

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