Lecture Notes for CSE 120 - Software Engineering with Oh at UC-Merced (UC Merced)

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Material Type:Review Sheet
Class:CSE 120 - Software Engineering
Subject:Computer Science & Engineering
University:University of California-Merced
Term:Spring Semester 2009
  • Requirement
  • The Independent
  • Confirmation
  • Assumptions
  • Requirements
  • Readability
  • Implementation
  • Descriptions
  • Organization
  • Specification
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Sample Document Text

Parking For Smarties Specification Review The specification and requirement document from PFS was good overall. Any conflicts found or suggestions are listed below: . The specification was missing a use case and use case diagram for the phone/GPS system that searches for parking structures. . As a suggestion, the user administrator should be given visibility to the entire system, including user suggestions. This could be an important part if the owner wants to add more statistical features to their system. . To be more environmentally friendly, you could also eliminate the need of printing tickets, instead issuing a confirmation number to the phone as a text message or e-mail that could be inputted into a machine. . During the Conclusion, there were a few issues that may need to be resolved. While it should naturally be the goal to make the user interface easy-to-use, the first paragraph should emphasize that the program should never be used while the user is driving. This is espec...

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