Lecture Notes for REL 3308 - Studies In World Rel with Norris at Florida International (FIU)

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Material Type:Note
Class:REL 3308 - Studies In World Rel
University:Florida International University
Term:Fall 2010
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Religions Notes: 10/29/2010 History & Tradition ? Moses-lawgiver-1200 BC 600 BCE o Torah: moses describes is about funeral ? New testament was made until after Christ?s death 400 CE ? (imagine ur among 60 monks sitting in room where they are writing down word fr word n you have to copy the words down where u come across funny comments; the manuscript in one section (breast of bertan): a monk heard the wrong thing ?telephone game? ? In old testaments come from 1942-1952 come from Essens o Shepherd boy was standing at mountain steep where he heard a clank where he saw a large man which was a papyrus. ? As they explored over time they found own testaments and found old scrolls ? Harvard student in 1988 he put It up online to read. o Quran: oldest copies were after Mohammad?s death, fairly accurate than the original Quran ? ?People of the Book?: Christian, Muslims, and Jews ? Mohammad came up with the word bec...
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