Lecture Notes for MUSC 309 - History of Rock and Roll with Schwartz at Kansas (KU)

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Material Type:Review Sheet
Class:MUSC 309 - History of Rock and Roll
University:University of Kansas
Term:Fall 2008
  • Thomas a. Dorsey
  • Chuck Berry
  • Sam Phillips
  • Call and Response
  • Little Richard
  • Phil Spector
  • Scat Singing
  • Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Ray Charles
  • Carter Family
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MUSC 309  History of Rock and Roll Review sheet for Exam I 1. Understand the meaning of each of the following terms and be able to associate it with  specific artists or musical styles where appropriate.  riff call and response producer Tin Pan Alley R&B gospel shout multi­track recording blue note double­note guitar line harmonic rhythm polyrhythm scat singing end­weighted form “Latin tinge” stop time triplet vibrato blues shouter crossover syncopation style beat hook 12­bar blues progression pop song form clave rhythm a capella “vocal percussion” Hammond organ Slide/bottleneck guitar melisma texture backbeat “Wall of Sound” 2. For each of the following styles, be able to identify its characteristic traits, prominent artists,  and influence on rock and roll.  For those marked with an asterisk, be able to identify the style  from an unfamiliar musical excerpt of approximately one minute i...

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