Lecture Notes for CVEN 489 - SPTP: APPL AUTOCAD CEDESIGN at Texas A&M (A&M)

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  • Reaction Model
  • Particularly
  • Concentration Distribution
  • Concentration
  • Immediately
  • Water Quality
  • Assumptions
  • Substituting
  • Longitudinal
  • Approximations
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7. Water Quality Modeling Until now we have derived governing equations for and sought solutions to idealized cases where analytical solutions could be found. Many problems in the natural world, however, are complex enough that simplified analytical solutions are inadequate to predict the transport and mixing behavior. In these situations, approximations of the governing transport equations (such as finite difference) must be made so that numerical solutions can be found. These approximations can be simple or complex, but often result in a large number of equations that must be solved to predict the concentration distribution. Hence, computer algorithms are used to make the numerical solutions tractable. In this chapter, we introduce the field of water quality modeling based on computerized (nu- merical or digital) tools. This chapter begins by outlining how to select an appropriate numerical tool. The next two section describe common computer approximations. First, simple numerical models based o...

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