Lecture Notes for CSE 140 - Computer Architecture with Yang at UC-Merced (UC Merced)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:CSE 140 - Computer Architecture
Subject:Computer Science & Engineering
University:University of California-Merced
  • Benchmark Measures
  • Interrupting
  • Performance
  • Inexpensive
  • Particularly
  • To
  • at (time)
  • Instructions
  • Nonvolatile
  • Availability
  • Conjunction
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Chapter 6 Storage and Other I/O Topics Chapter 6 - Storage and Other I/O Topics - 2 Introduction ? I/O devices can be characterized by ? Behaviour: input, output, storage ? Partner: human or machine ? Data rate: bytes/sec, transfers/sec ? Example: keyboard, sound output, network, magnetic tape ? I/O bus connections 6.1 Introd uctio n Chapter 6 - Storage and Other I/O Topics - 3 I/O System Characteristics ? Dependability is important ? Particularly for storage devices ? Performance measures ? Latency (response time) ? Throughput (bandwidth) ? Desktops & embedded systems ? Mainly interested in response time & diversity of devices ? Servers ? Mainly interested in throughput & expandability of devices Chapter 6 - Storage and Other I/O Topics - 4 Dependability ? Fault: failure of a component ? May or may not lead to system failure 6.2 De pe nd ab ilit y, Re liab ility , an d A vai labi lity Service accomplishment Service delivered as specified Service i...

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