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Lecture Notes for PS 201 - American Politics and Government with Plexico at NC State (NCSU)

Notes Information

Material Type:Study Guide
Class:PS 201 - American Politics and Government
Subject:Political Science
University:North Carolina State University
Term:Spring 2009
  • Split Ticket
  • Split Ticket Voting
  • Reapportionment
  • Incumbency Advantage
  • Dealignment
  • Presidential Powers
  • Primary Elections
  • Straight Ticket
  • Impeachment
  • Types of Interest Groups
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Sample Document Text

PS 201 Final Examination Study Guide Political Parties - Political Party- an ongoing coalition of interests joined together to try to get their candidates for public office elected under a common label. - Historical origins of political parties - The six political party systems - Realignment vs. Dealignment (definitions and difference) - Third parties and reasons why they are at a disadvantage in elections - Nominations and primary elections Campaigns and Elections - Types of elections - Criteria for winning elections - Reapportionment, redistricting, and gerrymandering - The election ballot (straight-ticket and split-ticket voting) - The Electoral College - The components of a successful campaign - Incumbency advantage - The role of parties in campaigns and elections (including campaign finance rules) - How voters decide for whom to vote Interest Groups - Definition and two main characteristics of an interest group - Lobbying- the process by which interest group members or lobbyists attempt to influence p...

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