Lecture Notes for CS 681 - Designing Expert Systems at George Mason (GMU)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:CS 681 - Designing Expert Systems
Subject:Computer Science
University:George Mason University
  • Informatica
  • Explanation
  • Significant Aspects
  • Important Result
  • Hypothesize
  • Specific Elements
  • The Nucleus
  • Immediately
  • Possible Classes
  • Similarities
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? 2008, Learning Agents Center 1 CS 681 Fall 2008 Learning Agents Center and Computer Science Department George Mason University Gheorghe Tecuci tecuci@gmu.edu http://lac.gmu.edu/ ? 2008, Learning Agents Center 2 Machine Learning: Introduction Inductive Learning Overview Analogical Learning Deductive Learning Abductive Learning Multistrategy Learning ? 2008, Learning Agents Center 3 Overall Architecture of a Knowledge-Based Agent Problem Solving Engine Intelligent Agent User/ Environment Output/ Sensors Effectors Input/ Learning Engine Implements learning methods for extending and refining the knowledge in the knowledge base. Implements a general problem solving method that uses the knowledge from the knowledge base to interpret the input and provide an appropriate output. Data structures that represent the objects from the application domain, general laws governing them, actions that can be performed with them, etc. Ontology Rules Knowledge Base RUL E...

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