Lecture Notes for AMH 2020 - American History II with Hall at South Florida (USF)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:AMH 2020 - American History II
Subject:American History
University:University of South Florida
Term:Spring 2009
  • Court-Packing Scheme
  • The Black Cabinet
  • Harry Hopkins
  • Creel Committee
  • Civil Works Administration
  • Socialist Party
  • Shantytowns
  • Hoovervilles
  • Scholarships
  • Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
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Unit 2 Exam Guide • “New” Manifest Destiny- expansion after the Civil War o As different from “Old” Manifest Destiny”- not moving west, all the new territories were not adjacent to the continental US (i.e. Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, USVI). These regions were never thought of as possible states. o Reasons for expansion- the Panic of 1893 caused concerns about natural resources; the new regions are to sell American products; in times of economic stress, the government strives to focus the country on successes abroad; spread of democracy and Christianity; competition with European colonization in Asia and Africa; social Darwinism theory. • Spanish-American War- Apr. o Aug. 1898; over Spanish colonization of Cuba and Puerto Rico; instigated by reports that the USS Maine was being disrupted by the Spanish and by a letter home from a Spanish ambassador that called Pres. McKinley weak and ineffective. o Yellow journalists- sent to cover revolt in Cuba; Cubans were glorified while Spaniards were...

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